Concepts: Your Rule and its Effects


In Imperia, you do not rule in a vacuum. Each action you take in the game moves you along a ruling continuum that starts in the middle when you are a new Emperor, and can eventually move left (Nationalist) or right (Tyrannical).

Your Popular Support is generated in two ways - your Nationalist support and your Tyrannical support. Think of Nationalist support as people who love you and who would follow you willingly while not necessarily always giving you a blank check for rule, and Tyrannical support as people who are totally obedient, fear you, but who yearn for the day your power wanes so they can rise up and destroy you. These types of rule are described below.


As a Nationalist Emperor, you rule for your people's welfare and well-being, not the opposite. You take actions that better your subjects' lives and place in the world. As a result, your people are naturally more loyal out of freedom, and will stand for your Empire, not just you, knowing that you care for the nation and Empire first.


  • Much easier to raise PoSup.
  • Much less chance of rebellions/unrest
  • Nationalist tending characters will graviate to you and tend to be more loyal the stronger your Nationalist rule is
  • Less turnover for your governmental figures
  • Economic benefits - people want to work for your government, so it takes less money(wages) to get them to work for your Empire
  • Splinter colonies/sectors will be much more likely to join a Nationalist-run Empire


  • Tyrannical characters will tend to be less loyal and actively seek to usurp you
  • Corruption somewhat higher
  • Taxes must be kept low to be considered Nationalist, so less immediate ability to raise quick cash
  • Very expensive to pass Edicts and actions that positively affect Nationalist rating
  • PoSup will drop if you do not continue to provide for your people.


As a Tyrannical Emperor, you rule for your welfare and your subjects are the cogs in the machinery to help you do just that. Thus, while your 'loyalty' is absolute - it only remains that way as long as it's bought and paid for, backed by demonstrable power and authority. Once that goes… you may soon follow.


  • Much cheaper to rule Tyrannically
  • Tyrannical tending characters will tend to gravitate towards you, and as such be actively open to actions that see their grip on power maintained
  • Intel is easier to accomplish - after all, there are always weasels in every crowd
  • You can tax the hell out of your people, and they can't complain
  • Edicts tend to be completed much faster with a preponderance of Tyrannical Influence
  • Military technology will be easier to develop and tend to be more powerful


  • If you run out of money, you're in big, big trouble
  • If your power wanes or drops too much for any reason, you're in big, big trouble
  • Nationalist characters, while not as willing as Tyrannical characters, will still look to make trouble
  • Splinter colonies/sectors will be much less likely to voluntarily join a Tyrannical Empire
  • Societal technology will be difficult to come by
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