Strategic Mineral Rating

The Strategic Mineral rating of a planet determines how easily the planet can be mined for non-luxury minerals that can be used to manufacture materials. This rating goes from 0-100. Planets with a 0 rating technically can be mined, but it will be exceptionally expensive. This rating can decrease over time if a planet has a high manufacturing sector (the minerals are being mined out slowly), or increase if you create a Survey for Additional Materials Edict and the survey is successful. There is no limit to the number of times you may survey a planet, but the chance of success will decrease after each failed attempt.

It is critical to find planets that have a high Strategic Mineral rating. These planets will be critical to not only build infrastructure, but to maintain it, and for tyrannical governments, to build the weapons of war that will cow your people and keep them docile. Planets that have low Bio ratings can sometimes make for good outposts, as long as they are not too costly to maintain.

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