Scan Levels


Scan levels are used to show how much information that your empires has on a given planet. There are 4 levels of planet scan levels, and 10 levels of system scan levels, although only 3 levels matter currently in the game as of .330.


  • NONE - You have no information about the planet, other than the class and type.
  • ATMO - You have infomation about the atmospheric makeup of the planet, allowing you to determine the Bio rating of the planet.
  • GEO - Sending survey teams (probes or actual people), you now have information about the geological makeup of the planet, allowing you to determine the Strategic, Luxury and Tectonic ratings of the planet.
  • FULL - In addition to all of the above, you have made a comprehensive cartological survey, allowing you to map and mark the planet's habitable land. This will allow you to determine the MDL of the planet, and allow colonization/outposts to be built.

You must go one step at a time to scan a planet. Larger planets take longer to scan for each step. Technology will eventually reduce this time. Planet scan levels do not decay.


  • Level 0 - The system shows up as dark grey on the quadrant map. No information is known about the system, including any planets found. You must send a remote probe (a system Edict) to scan the system.
  • Level 1 - The system is known to its basic level. Any planets are scanned as a 'NONE' level, and no ships or defenses will be visible.
  • Level 2-9 - The higher this level, the more information will be collected on ships/probes/defenses in the system. As a general rule:
    • Level 4+ - Most orbitals will be visible
    • Level 6+ - Most ships will be visible
    • Level 8+ - Most probes will be visible
  • Level 10 - All objects, including hidden and stealthed, will be visible.

System scan levels are increased by sending probes Eventually, you will be able to send scout detatchments, or even fleets or task groups, for much quicker scans, but at the risk of annoying any inhabitants which reside there. System scan levels have a chance of decaying each month, with higher scan levels decaying faster.

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