Posup/Popular Support


Popular Support (PoSup) is how happy your people are with you in general. It is not as fickle as unrest, since it measures more global issues with how the empire is doing. Think of it as a 'judge' of you, while unrest is a 'judge' of a pop's life.

Your overall authority is determined in large part by Popular Support - when you have a mandate to lead, your true power grows, and your voice carries more weight with your viceroys, governors, and other leaders in your Empire. When your PoSup is low, however, your grip on your Empire is tenuous. Characters who are looking for an opening to act might just find one if your PoSup is low enough. If it gets too low - below 30% - a coup may form and if that happens, you will automatically lose the game! A coup will always happen if your PoSup drops below 5%.


Some factors that increase PoSup:

  • Gaining/settling a planet
  • Science breakthroughs
  • Exploring a new system
  • Living on a nice planet
  • Having a benevolent viceroy
  • Low taxes
  • Growing your economic infrastructure
  • Lots of jobs available
  • Being new to the job (your first 2 years will give you a bonus as people give you the benefit of the doubt)

Some factors that lower PoSup:

  • Having a mean or cruel viceroy
  • Riots
  • High income taxes
  • No jobs, or few jobs
  • Jobs that pay poorly relative to the development level of the planet
  • A planet that is hard to live on (low Bio rating)
  • Losing a planet or abandoning one
  • The planet requires a subsidy from the sector treasury
  • Not having materials to maintain infrastructure
  • Contracting economic sectors
  • Not having food (this is BAD!!)
  • High unrest
  • The Empire being in default (negative treasury, essentially printing money to pay debts)

Planets with higher populations have a greater effect on empire PoSup than planets with less population. Remember this when you are trying to decide what planet(s) to focus on to repair a faltering PoSup.

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