Materials are refined from strategic minerals on a planet. When you start the game, you have a supply randomly determined by both the planet population and the type of planet. Materials are used for many things:

  • Building up your economic sectors
  • Creating new Edicts
  • Building special buildings on the planet (not in .400)
  • Maintaining your existing infrastructure

If you do not have enough materials on a given planet to meet your minimum demand, as shown on your economic sub panel, the following things will happen:

  • You will not be able to build anything new on the planet
  • Your sectors may start to decay - a chance is checked every labor cycle (3 turns)
  • Your unrest may increase indirectly as your sectors will contract, possibly throwing people into unemployment
  • Your popular support will decrease as people do not like seeing their planet decay around them
  • Your viceroy will be upset


There are several ways to get minerals on a planet. The easiest is simply to build them from your own minerals. This is easier when you have a robust manufacturing sector. Material manufacturing is affected by the following factors, from most to least important:

  • The size of the manufacturing sector
  • The strategic mineral rating of the planet
  • The amount of Pops who are employed in the sector
  • The primary designation of the planet
  • The bio rating of the planet
  • Unrest levels
  • Tectonic levels (the higher the level, the less materials are built per Pop)
  • Viceroy traits

Far and away the most important factor is the size of the sector. However, it is possible to have a large, well-staffed manufacturing sector that is producing relatively little due to there being a shortage of minerals on the planet, or they are hard to extract. If this is the case, consider either changing the designation or perhaps surveying the planet to find more minerals. If you have a good infrastructure, but few workers, consider petitioning the viceroy to increase wages. Smart viceroys will do this automatically; others you may have to remind.

If you can not produce more materials in the short-term, you must have them shipped in through the trade network. To have goods sent, you must have at least a logistics station built. However, you will lose a tremendous amount of goods due to corruption until you build more secure and larger facilities.

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