Luxury Mineral Rating


The Luxury Mineral rating of a planet measures the relative quality of luxury minerals on the planet. Luxury minerals are important when creating a profitable Service sector.


When the profit is calculated for service, the value of each item manufactured by the manufacturing sector is multiplied by (planet effective luxury rating / 50) * 2. Thus, lower luxury mineral ratings mean that the value, and thus profit, of each item sold in the service sector is lower, while a value of 100 means the value is worth triple the base amount. However, the bonus slips as the planet continues to grow - the ADL is factored in as well, and very developed planets without much of a retail sector will see an unrest spike!

The effective luxury rating is the highest luxury mineral rating of any planet in the downstream trade network. For example, if planet trade hub Wilson has a luxury mineral rating of 22, but it is connected to planet Peters that has a luxury mineral rating of 87, then that value is used instead, with a small loss for corruption and distance. This encourages development of planets that are otherwise useless but may otherwise have valuable minerals coveted by your planet or empire's pops.

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