Losing the game currently happens when you are deposed as Emperor. As of .400, this can only happen when you are assassinated by unruly mobs or 'parties unknown'. Practically, this can happen any time that your Popular Support is below 30%, and your chances rise exponentially when your PoSup is below 15%. Your PoSup will show red to indicate that you are in danger of being removed permanently.


Practically speaking, you need to raise your empire-wise PoSup. You can do this by looking at which planets have the most 'bang for your buck' - i.e. which planets you can concentrate on to raise popular support. Larger planets have a larger effect on popular support, so a wise emperor would do well to concentrate on those first. Unrest and popular support, while not identical, often influence the other. While you can lower unrest artificially several ways, at the end of the day the only way you can truly improve popular support is by giving the people what they want (or causing them to fear you if you are heavily tyrannical). Lowering taxes, creating jobs, improving the climate, improving their protection level, addressing their goods needs are all ways to improve PoSup. Removing (or trying to remove) an unpopular governor or viceroy is another.

In any case, good luck!

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