Food is critical to the growth of your Empire. If you don't have it, your people will starve, and they will be very angry. It is very unwise to let your people starve.


From the ground, silly!! Well, that's not quite true, on some less-developed planets, but it is generally the truth. Food comes from your agriculture sector, and how efficiently it grows depends on several factors, listed in order of importance:

  • The planet's Bio rating
  • The sector's development rating
  • Your Unrest level
  • Employment in the sector

Food can be shipped in if you have at least a logistical station, but a great deal of it will spoil over long voyages. That is why it is preferable to either have it grown there or have a system or sector hub send food, as the distances involved will probably be shorter.

To grow more Food, you can expand the Agriculture sector, change the planet's primary designation to an agriculture-based one, attact more people to work in the sector, terraform the planet to a higher Bio level, and/or lower unrest, if applicable. Certain technologies will also help with this (not in game yet).

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