Bio Rating


For each planet, even gas giants, there is a bio rating that determines how habitable the planet is for life and industry. Generally, bio ratings below a 50 require habitation infrastructure, making the cost of maintaining the planet (your government subsidy) much more expensive. A planet with a bio rating of 0 can not be habitated. This includes gas giants and very harsh ice/barren worlds.


A planet's bio rating affects just about everything about the planet. It affects population morale, unrest, production, and affects industry yields greatly. Agriculture worlds basically can not turn a profit with a bio rating much below 40, while manufacturing worlds are less affected as far as yield, but lower bio means each unit costs more to make due to increasing maintenance of the equipment in harsh climates. A planet's bio rating also affects a planets' MDL.


There are 3 main ways to improve a planet's bio rating:

  • Terraform the planet, either from space or on the ground once you have a colony
  • Stellar terraform the planet once you have the technology to do so - this will change the planet from one type to a more habitable type
  • Change a planet's primary designation to one that positively affects the bio rating. Farming and science designations will do so.


While you would not normally want to do this, there are 2 main ways to reduce a planet's bio rating:

  • Certain Edicts damage the planet's Bio rating - normally heavy manufacturing Edicts or military ones
  • War on a planet or orbital strikes will severely damage the planet's Bio rating
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