Alerts occur when something significant happens during the end-of-turn processing. Alerts will show up in one of 5 categories, color coded for ease of understanding:

Green Informational; usually something positive
Yellow Moderate; slight concern with possible long-term effects if not addressed
Orange Serious; significant concern with possible short-term effects if not addressed
Red Critical; major concern with immediate effects ongoing. Critical to address immediately
Blue Communication request; one of your leaders wishes to speak with you. You may choose to respond, but if you ignore a request that leader will be angry

To show only certain categories of events, click on the color that has a number (showing the # of alerts in that category). To go to the alert location, left-click on the alert text.

You should ALWAYS check all alerts orange and above, since they generally relate to unrest/riots/losing something bad. Going though your alert queue should be the first thing you do at the start of every turn!

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