ADL (Average Development Level)

ADL is the average of the development levels of the 3 primary sectors: manufacturing, agriculture, and science. These 3 levels added together determine the TDL (Total Development Level) of the planet. This value can not exceed the MDL (Maximum Development Level) of the planet. You will recieve an alert if your TDL equals your MDL. At this point, you can no longer expand the planet's economy except through other means. Please see MDL for more information.

Generally, the higher the ADL, the more developed and profitable the planet is, but not always. This value also effects your pop's spending habits in the service sector and their expected wages; while pops will generally not expect to earn as much money on newly colonized planets with minimal development, as the planet gets more civilized and more builds up the pops will expect their wages to follow suit, and become unhappy if wages do not keep up with development.

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